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Belonging to the family of rodents and relatives of hamsters and lemmings, voles are pests that love invading human private spaces. Their bites can cause rabies that can further lead to tularemia and such deadly rodent-spreading diseases. So, now is your time to not think anymore regarding vole and immediately get in touch with Rip Rodent Control Melbourne for help in vole control. 

Because we are an experienced company that solely relies on our vole control Melbourne team of experts and their expertise. As voles are one of the pests that can put you through a lot of inconveniences, we provide timely fashion services. When coming to the processes we adopt in controlling voles, we take up the challenge of always customising the methods. So, do not worry and call on (03) 7184 0835 to book us.

Facts You Need To Know About Vole & Its Colonies

One of the many mouse-like rodents is voles. They’re mostly known for their notorious activity in damaging grass plant roots along with trees. To know more such general facts about voles, you need to read the following content for a better understanding of them: 

  1. Identifying Features: Stout body with a round structure having brown or grey fur in addition to a short tail and legs.
  2. Lifespan: Voles have the shortest lifespan wearing between 3 and 6 months although they have tiny bodies to escape from their prey.
  3. Habitats: These live in habitats ranging from sea level to the high mountains across Melbourne and its nearby areas.
  4. Growth: Belonging to the small species of rodents, voles can grow up to 8 to 23 cm depending upon a variety of species. 
  5. Resemble With: Their outward appearance has a close resemblance with several small animals like rats, mice, gophers, shrews, moles, etc. 
  6. Food Consumption: Food voles consume- dead animals such as other rats and mice. In addition to this, voles can also depend on almost all the other items like fruits, succulent plants, and nuts. 
  7. Burrowing Skills: Voles have tunnelling skills as well as burrowing skills and this helps them in an early warning from predators. 
  8. Nature: Male voles are known for their loyalty and show monogamous social fidelity. Also, male voles help their females by sharing equal responsibility in raising their pups. 
  9. Activity: They are active throughout the year from dawn to dusk and never hibernate. 
  10. Damages They Cause: The signs of vole damage are seen on surface runways, holes in lawns, breaks in stems, wilted plants, etc.  

Look For These Signs To Confirm The Presence Of Vole Infestations 

Other than spotting them directly, there are many signs that indicate the presence of voles on your property, both indoors and outdoors. As you already know what a vole looks like, now you need to know the signs of confirming vole infestations. The signs are as below: 

  • Tiny Trails: Voles have a habit of travelling in the same path they crossed before and create wide runways on the ground. These runways can be considered tiny trails and are most visible in winter times of the season.
  • Plants Collapse: As voles are herbivores, they feast on the roots, tubers and bulbs of a plant thus causing them to collapse. This directly indicates that if you are growing sweet potatoes, onions and turnips then all of those are at high risk.
  • Holes In Soil: When voles from one place to another they make 1 to 2 inches of openings across the region which leads to holds in the soil. In addition to this, voles love big tunnels which in turn makes the soil spongy and unable to walk on it.
  • Visual Sighting Of Voles: Usually, voles pretty much move from one place to another giving their visual sighting as a sign. So, if you see ripples in the garden in summer, take it as a sign of voles’ presence. 
  • Damage Harvest: Their love for seeds, berries, fruits, beans and corn damages areas with their harvest. In fact, if you see that any of these mentioned plants are wilting or turning gold in colour, there might be voles infestation.

What Should You Do After Finding Voles In Your Property?

Oftentimes, voles go and are noticed throughout the year because of their hiding skills and notorious activities. But if you take this as a challenge and want to take necessary actions when you suspect your property has voles, here they are. 

  • Sanitation Of Yard: Make sure your yard is having proper sanitation where wood piles should be removed and close vole hiding places. Moreover, you should also remove bird feeders as they are one of the most attractions for voles. 
  • Reseed The Area: Lawn damage is most visible in the spring season and this is when you need to reseed the area by raking up dead grass. So, by this action of yours, surrounding grass quickly grows to cover up other trails. 
  • Use Of Tree Guards: You can prevent damage to trees in your garden by encircling them with a tree guard of light colour. The guard around the trees should be tall enough so as to protect them from vole colony disturbances. 
  • Effective Trapping: There are standard vole traps available in the market that can be set up along the runways and tunnels. Also, make sure you’re covering up the traps in order to prevent your children and pets from getting into those premises. 
  • Use Of Non-Toxic Baits: However, if you find that traps or not safe around your children, then you can either go with non-toxic baitings. As bait, you can usually use peanut butter to attract voles.

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