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We Identify The Rat Type To Do Amazing Roof Rat Control Job In Melbourne 

Rats can tear through insulation and chew through dry walls if they are given a chance to get onto your roof in your Melbourne home. However, Rip Rodent Control Melbourne doesn’t let this happen anymore as we have the best roof rat control to offer at budget-friendly pricing. With advanced technology like ours, the possibility of finding roof rats infestation is high and we do that in no time. 

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Every Detail You Need To Know About Roof Rats Is Here

From the appearance, diet, characteristics and origin to behaviour, habitats, threats and habit, there are many details you need to know about roof rats. So, look at the following details and know more about roof rats along with their families: 

  1. Appearance: Roof rats have long and thin bodies with years and eyes being large and have pointed noses and scary tails. 
  2. Habits: Being nocturnal, they thrive in weather conditions that are cool and search for food in a group of 10 and more.
  3. Habitat: When building their nests, roof rats prefer to build them in places like rooftops of buildings, in and around your property.
  4. Threats: There are a wide range of diseases roof rats spread to people and their pets around them. One such disease is bubonic plague.  
  5. Colour: Usually, they are brown with a mixture of black colours. However, sometimes they also have white, grey or black undersides.
  6. Size: A typical roof rat adult is 12.75 to 18.25 cm in length with an additional 15 to 22 cm of tail. 
  7. Otherwise Known: Roof rats are also known as house rats, ship rats or black rats as they belong to the genus Rattus.
  8. Diet: Being omnivores, roof rats consume foods like fruits, seeds, stems, fungi, leaves and different vertebrates. 
  9. Origin: Their origin is dated back to the Norman period and was first discovered in Great Britain. However, their DNAs show their possible migration from Malaysia. 
  10. Behaviour: They exhibit two different behaviours such as nesting and foraging behaviours, both of which depend on their habitat location.  

These Are A Few Important Signs You Need To Note For Roof Rat Infestations

There are many signs that are shown by roof rats when they form infestations on your Melbourne property roofs. In fact, even dead roof rats can be counted as signs when looking at some major signs of roof rats infestations. A few of such important signs are as follows:

  • Alive Or Dead Rats: A telltale sign of roof rat infestation is noticing alive or dead roof rats as there is a potential problem of roof rat infestations. If there are alive rats, then the colony, as well as the population, increases in number. 
  • Droppings: A common sign that indicates your Melbourne property is having roof rats is droppings throughout your property. These droppings are primarily moist and soft when they are just dropped by roof rats and hard when they become old droppings.
  • Damages: These species cause damage to your indoors and outdoors by gnawing on the items. In addition to this, they also damage your food items with their nests and greasy rub marks. 
  • Noises: Oftentimes, you also notice other signs such as hearing noises in your house walls and attic. And these noises created by roof rats in turn disturb your sleep with their gnawing and hissing noises.
  • Electrical Outages: Because of their notorious activity, roof rats run throughout your Melbourne property causing electrical outages. In fact, roof rats gnaw on electrical wires and other insulating wires leading to many electrical accidents.

Here Is What You Should Do If You Suspect Your Property Has Roof Rats

Roof rats cannot be easily caught and so you can take different paths to get them out of your property if you suspect their presence in your home. So, homeowners need to follow the measures we mentioned here and make their Melbourne property free of roof rats. 

  • Seal Away Cracks: all the cracks and crevices in addition to holes and gaps throughout your home should be sealed away. Moreover, you also need to make sure to caulk the vents and windows with silicone caulks. 
  • Use Of Baits: When there are roof rats on your property making your life a torment, using baits never goes wrong. So, purchase non-toxic roof rat control baits from your nearby market to bait these rodents. 
  • Trim Your Lawn: In order to prevent the growth of roof rats population, make the “trimming the lawn regularly” tip mandatory. To make this happen, you need to trim both herbs and shrubs to specific heights. 
  • Cut Access To Food: As roof rats are mostly attracted to food items like fruits, cut the access to these food items immediately. Also, see to it that your garbage has no food access to the roof rats and their infestations. 
  • Eliminate Outdoor Sources: In addition to indoor food sources, you must eliminate outdoor sources like pet food, leaky sprinkler heads, etc. If there are bird baths and pet water dishes in your Melbourne outdoors, then clear them away. 

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How do I get rid of rats in my roof in Melbourne?

To effectively get rid of rats in your roof, you can take several steps. First, identify and seal any entry points or openings that rats may be using to access your roof. Trim back overhanging tree branches or vegetation that can provide them with easy access. Next, consider setting up traps or baits specifically designed for rats in strategic locations. It’s advisable to consult with a professional pest control service in Melbourne for assistance and effective treatment options.

How do I permanently get rid of roof rats?

While complete permanent removal of roof rats can be challenging, there are measures you can take to significantly reduce their presence. Begin by sealing all potential entry points in your roof, including gaps and openings. Regularly inspect and maintain your roof for any signs of damage or potential entry points. Implement good sanitation practices, ensuring that food sources are properly stored and inaccessible to rats. Consider professional pest control services to employ effective treatments and monitoring to achieve long-term results.

How do I get rid of rats in my roof in Australia?

The process of getting rid of rats in your roof in Australia is similar to the steps outlined earlier. Identify and seal entry points, trim back vegetation, set up traps or baits, and maintain good sanitation practices. Additionally, it’s recommended to consult with local pest control experts who are familiar with the specific challenges and regulations in your area for the most effective solutions.

How much does it cost to get rid of rats in Melbourne?

The cost of rat extermination in Melbourne can vary based on several factors, including the severity of the infestation, the size of your property, and the methods employed for extermination. It is best to contact professional pest control services in Melbourne to obtain accurate and specific pricing information. They can assess your situation and provide you with a tailored quote based on your specific needs.