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Known commonly for their borrowing nature, gophers belong to the rodent family that can destroy large lawns and farms. This is where Rip Rodent Control Melbourne comes into the picture where they bring forward the right techniques and tools for gophers’ control. In fact, we are a leading company in Melbourne that developed our experience into gaining new skills in controlling gophers. 

In fact, we also know the locations where gophers choose to hide in your residential and commercial properties, so we act accordingly. The skills we gained and training we have undergone for gophers control Melbourne service is second to none. Working with state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly solutions, we enable prompt gophers control. Now, call on (03) 7184 0835 for quick bookings! 

Gophers: All You Need To Know About Them Is Here 

There are many interesting things you might not know about gophers, but there is no need to worry about it as we can help you with this. In fact, once gophers are born, they are blind for about one or two weeks. If you want to more such things about gophers, they are as follows:

  1. Otherwise Known: In fact, gophers are a simple form of pocket gophers and they belong to the Geomyidae family. 
  2. Characteristics: They weigh about 200 grams and have at least 15 to 20 cm of body length, with tails about 1 to 2 inches.  
  3. Habits: Mostly, gophers are active during day times to eat, forage, sleep and breed underground to increase their family count. 
  4. Habitats: Oftentimes, when gophers are choosing their habitats, they go with edible plant covers, and sandy and loose soil.
  5. Behaviour: To create both network and protection, gophers build mounds by tunnelling and burrowing in gardens. 
  6. Diet: The most favourite foods and all-time preferred food of gophers are dandelions and alfalfa. They also eat grass, flowering plants and seeds.
  7. Classification: These species of rodents are classified into different genera depending upon the region they live in.
  8. Survival: Although these rodents are usually silent, they scream loud when they find themselves threatened. 
  9. Predators: There is a kind of wading bird known as the great blue heron that eats even adult-size gophers. In addition to this, dogs and cats are gophers’ predators. 
  10. Unknown Fact: Gophers move backwards how fast they move forwards as their round and furry body is incredibly strong. Moreover, they have unusual lips because they fit behind their incisors. 

Below Are Some Indicators That Shows Your Property Has Gophers 

Before you plan to book a recognised company for gopher control Melbourne service, you need to know the signs of gophers. This is so that you are not wasting your money on bookings and finding no gophers later on. Thus, note the signs we stated here to confirm there are gophers and their colonies inside your commercial or residential premises. 

  • Dirt Mounds: A very first sign you get to notice of gophers is their dirty mounds as they dig wherever they go to form networks. These mounds are built by gophers and are fan-shaped which are usually deeper than what other rodents make. 
  • Ruined Lawns: The habit of gophers burrowing and tunnelling can ruin your lawns because they do not care about visual habitats. So, whenever they go into your lawns, they keep making holes thoughtlessly and recklessly. 
  • Underground Problems: Gogers also damage underground pipelines leading to flooding of your foundations which further arise termite infestation. Moreover, as this is happening underground it is hard to notice them quickly and so keep an eye on it. 
  • Ruins Tools: Gophers have the sharpest front teeth and thus they keep gnawing on things they find attractive which in turn ruins things. This activity of gophers ruins tools used in trimming lawns including flowering plants and corps if any. 
  • Damages To Vegetation: If you do not keep an eye on vegetables and fruits, then they constantly become victims of gophers’ attacks. Thus, if you want to stop this loss from happening, take measures of finding gophers immediately.  

What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your Property From Gophers? 

If you find that you already lost the chance of preventing gophers from entering your Melbourne property, then do not miss to follow other measures. Because if you follow the measures we are letting you know, then gophers find it as to stay on your property and around you. Therefore, follow any of the listed measures if you suspect there are gophers roaming in your outdoors. 

  • Gas Them With Car’s Exhaust: Wherever you find gopher holes in your garden, gas those holes with your car’s exhaust using a garden hose. Here, the car should be on for at least 15 minutes to half an hour to make the tunnel poisonous. 
  • Create Noisy Environment: Like any other rodent, gophers don’t like noisy environments and this is exactly what you need to create around them. This is in fact a simple way of chasing away gophers from your property in the shortest time. 
  • Use Of Vibrating Stakes: Vibrating states are set up underground and they are almost invisible to the naked eye above ground. So, buy these battery-operated stakes and set them underground to scare gophers.  
  • Scatters Pet Droppings: Instead of throwing away the dropping of your cats and dogs, try putting them in gopher burrows and tunnels. As these pets are predators of gophers, gophers stay away from your place once they smell these droppings. 
  • Build A Fence: Although gophers are good at burrowing, they are the opposite of this when it comes to climbing. So, build a fence using mesh wire by placing it on the ground and letting it extend up to 12 inches above the ground. 

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You are not going to find a gopher control Melbourne team like ours around you who are readily available for emergency services. One of the reasons why we can reach your place in time is that we are regional experts of Melbourne and thus are knowledgeable about every direction. Therefore, depend on our trustworthy gopher controllers in Melbourne to make your property gopher-free.

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