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These Are A Few Things You Need To About House Rodents 

House rodents are one of the smallest animals you can see on the planet and when they become a pest at your home, it’s hard to bear them. Because they are not easy to catch and the food they consume almost everything belongs to humans. Some such other house rodent facts are, 

  1. Characteristics: House rodent rodents characterIstically have large and round ears along with a hairless tail and a pointed snout. 
  2. Habits: Usually these species of rodents are usually active, but there are also some house rodents that are generally active during the day. 
  3. Habitats: The places house rodent prefer as their habit to lice are urban areas that have secluded building areas, shallow burrow systems, red bricks, etc. 
  4. Behaviour: In general they walk, run and stand on all four legs, but when they are eating and fighting, house rodents stand on their hind legs. 
  5. Senses & Communication: This rodent cannot perceive some colours and rely on pheromones (produced by preputial glands) for any kind of social communication. 
  6. History: House rodents usually prefer to live in close proximity to humans and have been spread throughout the globe from their native, India. 
  7. Genetics: A house rodent has 16 genes with a region of rodent chromosome 16 as a thyroid function and others being normal phenotype. 
  8. Diseases: All house rodents carry harmful diseases such as typhus, HPS, plague, leptospirosis, hantavirus, tularemia, etc. 
  9. Diet: Although these rodents are omnivores, they still prefer to eat food like seeds, fruits and grains and in fact even damage those crops. 
  10. Life Expectancy: In the wild, they usually live for less than a year because of their high predation and exposure level to the wilderness.

Signs Of House Rodent Infestations You Need To Know

If you have never come across the signs on how to find house rodents in your Melbourne domestic or commercial premise, we have listed a few of them for you. In fact, house rodents show subtle signs of infestations too and you can know these signs by taking our help. 

  • Scratching Sounds: They make scratchy sounds in your property wall cavities, floors and ceilings during the night. Oftentimes, house rodents also create sounds when they are burrowing and gnawing on wood or wiring. 
  • Increase In Allergies: There are people who are allergic to house rodents’ presence house others ate allergic to dogs’ and cats’ presence. Thus, if you find yourself in such a situation where a rodent urine trail is triggering your allergy, count it as a sign. 
  • Unusual Pet Activity: As dogs and cats have inquisitive behaviour, they find places like under sink hidden areas interesting. This is because under sinks hidden areas as one of the favourite spots for house rodents. So, check for this unusual pet activity.
  • Droppings Of House rodents: When you find dark and small droppings that are just about 5 mm in length, then the sign here is house rodents droppings. You get to find these droppings along the skirting boards and inside of cupboards. 
  • Furnishing Damage: House rodent rodents chew on both furnishings and furniture to gain access to newer hiding spots. Otherwise, they can either gather their nesting materials from gnawing on furnishings and furniture. 

If You Suspect There Are House Rodents In Your Property, Take These Measures

If recognising a house rodent infestation is one big task, then taking measures against it is another biggest task you have to have. But with our suggestions for house rodent control, everything becomes easier for you when you follow the below tips:

  • Do Rodent-Proofing: If you are in favour of a permanent solution when suspecting a house rodent infestation to rodent-proofing your place. The mouse-proofing should be done wherever there is food processed and stored.
  • Follow Sanitation: As rodents have limited access to your property and its food, water, etc, all you need to do is follow proper sanitation. Because poor sanitation is one reason that attracts house rodents along with their families towards your places. 
  • Set Traps: One of the effective methods for house rodent control is to set traps for them across your property. The traps can be either one-way doors or electronic boxes that easily catch house rodent rodents.
  • Rodenticides: There are poison baits known as rodenticides that are capable of killing house rodents all at once. In fact, you can purchase these rodenticides from any hardware stores, discount stores, feed and garden centres. 
  • Control By Pets: In most circumstances, pets such as cats and dogs kill house rodents because of their curiosity towards them. So, encourage this action of your pets and get rid of house rodents in the shortest time.

In Emergencies, We Are Here By Your Side To Serve For House Rodent Control! 

If you do not want house rodents to live in the same place as you at your Melbourne property, then the right choice is to book our experts. In times of emergencies or when you are in need of our same-day house rodent control Melbourne service, we are available. So, make up your mind to hire our house rodent controllers if you want to get rid of house rodents from your place as soon as possible. Ping us now!

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How do you get rid of rodents in your house?

To effectively get rid of rodents in your house, it’s important to take a comprehensive approach. Start by sealing any entry points to prevent their entry, such as gaps in doors, windows, and cracks in walls. Next, eliminate their food sources by properly storing food in sealed containers. Set up traps or baits strategically in areas where you’ve noticed rodent activity. Finally, regularly clean your house and maintain proper sanitation to discourage rodent infestations.

How much does it cost to get rid of rats in Melbourne?

The cost of rat extermination in Melbourne can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of the infestation, the size of your property, and the methods used for extermination. It is best to contact our professional rodent control services to obtain accurate and specific pricing information.

How do I get rid of rodents permanently?

While complete permanent removal of rodents is challenging, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce their presence. First, focus on prevention by sealing entry points, removing food sources, and maintaining cleanliness. Additionally, consider professional rodent control services that can employ effective methods like trapping, baiting, and targeted treatments. Ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance are also crucial to prevent re-infestations.

What can I put under my house to keep rodents away?

To deter rodents from entering the area under your house, you can use certain measures. One effective option is installing wire mesh or hardware cloth along the perimeter of your foundation to create a barrier against rodents. Ensure the mesh is tightly secured to prevent any gaps or openings. Additionally, removing any potential hiding spots like debris and maintaining a clean environment can discourage rodents from taking up residence in that area. Regular inspection and maintenance will help ensure the effectiveness of these preventive measures.