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The common problems mice cause wherever they go are shredding personal items, contaminating food, and scratching and hissing noises. But, you have a chance of stopping all this at the very start of mice invasion into your Melbourne property by contacting us. Because Rip Rodent Control Melbourne has all the answers you are looking for controlling mice and their families in your homes. Take our help to protect your families from mice families.  

All the mice control products and treatments we use are safe for both kids and pets when they are in the premises of mice control execution. Once we do the inspection, we take access to all those areas where mice have built their mounds to remove them without disturbance. So, if you contact (03) 7184 0835 right today your property slowly starts to lose mice from many to zero in number.

Look At The Facts Our Team Mentioned Regarding Mice & Their Families 

You might know a few obvious facts about mice and their families, but can let you out on some important facts that you would like to know. In fact, the facts we are going to state about mice vary from their outer appearance to something that is not visible to the naked eye. They are as follows:

  1. Characteristics: Mouses have some distinct characteristic features such as small-rounded ears, pointed snouts, scaly tails, etc. 
  2. Classification: They are typically classified into the genus Mus which specifically refers to muroid rodents and belongs to Murini tribe members.
  3. Diet: Mice are natural herbivores and usually consume all kinds of fruits and grains from any type of edible plant. 
  4. Habits: They are primarily nocturnal and usually are active during the night. But there are also a few occasions when mice forage during day time. 
  5. Habitats: Usually, mice nest in places such as wall voids, storage spaces, basements, attics, lofts, cabinets and underside of kitchen sinks. 
  6. Human Use: These rodents also come as used for humans as mice and can be used for experimental purposes, as pets and as food for reptile owners. 
  7. Capability: A mouse is also capable of squeezing through even the tiniest gaps of a Melbourne property indoors and outdoors. 
  8. Eyesight: Mouses among rodents have the weakest eyesight and can only have a clear view in dim light instead of full light.  
  9. Teeth: Have a pair of incisor teeth that doesn’t stop growing and in fact grows at a rate of 0.3 mm per day, unlike other rodents. 
  10. Supersonic Hearing: Moreover, mice can hear supersonic sounds up to 90 kHz and in turn can also produce these ultrasounds while communicating with their companions.

What Are A Few Major Signs Of Mice Infestations At Home?

When coming to the signs of mice infestations, there are a few indications you need to look for in your domestic or commercial spaces. Because these are such signs that help you know when you need professional assistance from the mice control Melbourne team. Keep these signs in mind while inspecting your propped, 

  • Mice Droppings: In just a single day, a mouse can drop from 50 to 70

droppings and they do this every day. So, take this as a quick sign in identifying the presence of mice in and around your Melbourne property’s surroundings.

  • Urine Trails: Being incontinent about themselves, mice leave behind urine trails everywhere you go. In fact, mice even drag their tails in their urine puddles and thus check for these trails on your surfaces. 
  • Noises: There is a wide range of noises mice create they get into your property and those noises mostly belong to scratching. In addition to this, you can also concentrate on hearing gnawing noises coming from wall cavities and basements. 
  • Burrowing: Mice love towards borrowing themselves wherever there are soil and insulation materials. Therefore, look for places that have burrows as well as tunnels in, around and throughout your property. 
  • Foul Odours: In order to bring their generations forward, mice breed and this in turn cause foul odours from emitting. Moreover, you also have signs such as defecation and death to count on. 

Follow The Measures We Mentioned To Control Mice On Your Own

There are different measures you can follow if you suspect that mice are targeting your Melbourne property for building their nests. Some of these preventive measures for mice should be followed outdoors, whereas others indoors. Here is what you need to know

  • Eliminate Outdoor Access- Mouse has various accesses like shrubs and trees that let their entry into your Melbourne properties. Hence, you need to trim Your garden regularly in order to mice-proof your area from outdoors. 
  • Practice Cleanliness- If your storeroom has clutter and food that attracts mice towards your home, remove them. Because practising cleanliness gives mice no reason for wanting to invade your property and your privacy. 
  • Encourage Your Cats- If you are an owner of a cat, take their help in letting them act as natural deterrents in chasing away mice. In fact, the natural scent of cats can also scare mice away from indoors and outdoors into some other areas. 
  • Creating Barriers- To not let the entry of mice into your residential and commercial places, you need to create barriers. These barriers you are building should be 2 feet wide with crushed rocks cement and the necessary amount of water. 
  • Remove Food Sources- There are various food sources such as flowers, plants, nuts and seeds that attract mice and their families towards your place. So, you need to remove these outdoor food sources that are acting as major attractants to your property.

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