About Us

RIP Rodent Control

Who Are We: Rodent Removal Company In Melbourne 

RIP Rodent Control Melbourne is a trustworthy and dependable rodent removal company in Melbourne with positive ratings and reviews.  Our primary goal is to offer our clients complete satisfaction, which we accomplish through our foolproof rodent removal treatment plans. Thinking about the safety and well-being of you, your family, and your pets, we believe in offering a child-friendly and pet-friendly rodent control amenity, maintaining hygiene and inner quality inside your premises. With our customised rodent removal treatment, we eliminate rats and mice and avert their arrival with top-notch preventive measures. 

Our Tailor-Fit Rodent Removal Services And Solutions 

We offer comprehensive rodent control and removal services, making your property both rodent and disease-free. And besides serving residential societies, we provide reliable amenities to offices, schools, bakeries, restaurants, and so on! Here is the step-by-step approach that we use to eradicate the nasty, noisy, and destructive pest:

  • At first, our inspection team arrives at your doorstep and assesses your property to check the infested spots and their severity.   
  • As per the inspection reports, we plan our strategic rodent elimination plan and execute it safely.
  • We mainly set traps and cages and use food particles to lure the rats to enter inside.
  • Once the rats and mice are captured, our professional team releases them away outside your premises. 
  • In heavy infestation cases, we use rodenticides to eliminate rats and mice.
  • Upon the completion of the rodent control program, we provide sanitation to make your premises 100% germ-free. 
  • We provide dead rodent removal services on the same day. 

Our Abilities And Certifications 

Different rodent species fall for different traps. For this reason, we never offer a one-size-fits-all pest control service. We rather believe in customisation. Our pest control professionals are capable of identifying different rodent types and planning the elimination treatment accordingly.

  • Our professionals have expertise in removing rodents, dead or alive, without disrupting your daily chores during the program. 
  • We collaborate with experts who know how to set traps perfectly.
  • Each of our crew members possesses a Certificate III in pest control operations. 

Top 5 Features Why We Are A Choice For Melbourne’s People

We keep client satisfaction as our top priority. That is why we strive hard to provide timely service at a reasonable price. Our hard work, dedication to offering high-quality service, and customer-friendly behaviour make us trustworthy and the best-fit choice for the people of Melbourne. We are loved and trusted for a couple of reasons. The following are the topmost ones:

  1. No additional charges: We always keep our service charge reasonable. On top of that, with us, you will never come across any unexpected hidden charges. To maintain transparency, we offer a written quote mentioning the price before initiating the program. 
  2. Highly skilled team: Whether your property is infested by bush rats, swamp rats, or any other species, we are able to handle all! And the credit goes to our highly skilled pest control, agents who have several years of experience in the industry.
  3. Follow-up services: We offer a follow-up after each project to make sure that your premises are entirely rodent-free! In case we sense any issue, we extend our helping hand and solve it right away! After the accomplishment of each project, we employ precautionary measures to avert their re-advent to your property.
  4. Odour-free treatment: We totally understand that the smell of chemicals can deeply irritate your olfactory senses. That is why we prefer using traps and cages over chemical solutions. And when we use rodenticides or any other chemical to remove the infestation, we make sure they are completely odourless. 
  5. Bookings on holidays: We offer same-day service to our precious, even if it is a holiday or weekend, we take bookings. 

We Provide Rodent Control Services Throughout Melbourne 

We might be located in Melbourne, but our reach is long. Alongside offering our affordable and reliable rodent control services in the core parts of Melbourne, we serve the metro regions, CBD areas, and suburbs of Melbourne, including Carlton, Docklands, Parkville, and so on!