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Like living rats, dead ones torment you with an increase in health issues by putting you at risk of tularemia, plague and many more. So, it is better for you to quickly think about involving professionals from Rip Rodent Control Melbourne for dead rat control at your Melbourne place. Oftentimes, people are allergic to the unmistakable smell dead rats leave behind. Therefore, we use eco-friendly solutions that improve the air quality of the property. 

To find all the right locations of dead rats, we crawl through tight roof cavities, and subfloors, inspect near electrical wiring, etc. Thus, once we find dead rats located across your Melbourne property, we get to the business of their removal. The dead rat control Melbourne process we execute leaves no potential residues and lingering smells behind. For more details on this, do dial at (03) 7184 0835

There Are Many Things You Need To Know About Dead Rats 

Yes, there is also a wide range of things you need to know about dead rats as they cause you problems even after their death. So, look here to know some important things about dead rats and get awareness about them. 

  1. Foul Odours: Once a rat dies, it eventually emits foul odours into its surroundings polluting the air quality you are breathing.  
  2. Diseases: Despite death, rats are capable of spreading diseases such as hantavirus, plague, tularemia and many more. The dead rat can spread about 35 and more diseases. 
  3. Attracts: Over a few days of its death, a rat carcass smells worse and this in turn attracts pests such as maggots and flies. These pests in turn act as vectors for spreading various diseases. 
  4. Areas You Find Them: Rats frequent a few areas in your property and the attic, wall cavity, lawn, and kitchen hidden areas and accidentally die there. 
  5. Microbes: Immediately after the death of a rat, microbes like viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc, feed on their carcasses to make up for their consumption. 
  6. Syndrome: Dead rats are also responsible for the usage of hantavirus pulmonary syndromes in an individual. A symptom of it is shortness of breath. 
  7. Reason For Death: Known for their notorious nature, rats move around dangerous places like electrical wiring and accidentally die. 
  8. Intellectual Ability: Rats have the intellectual ability to recognize their companion’s death because of their understanding of rationalised loss. 
  9. Decomposing Time: A dead rat takes about 6 to 10 weeks to completely decompose all on its own. 
  10. Lifespan: Normally, a rat has a lifespan of 2 to 4 years and sometimes can live up to 7 years if no accidents occur. 

Check For These Signs To See If There Are Dead Rats In Your Property 

There is a saying that the dead can tell tales too and hence you need to make sure to inspect for some signs and find dead rats. In fact, once you find any of the following signs, confirm that there are dead rats in your Melbourne property.  

  • A Thorough Inspection: Do a thorough inspection in areas such as attics, wall cavities, holes and electrical areas. Because these are the areas that rat frequently in your absence.
  • Unbearable Odours: You get to smell unbearable odours from a dead rat as it is the rotting smell of death. Therefore, the bigger a rat dies, the more it smells as there will be more tissue breakdown in a rat’s body. 
  • Decrease In Air Quality: As a dead rat attracts multiple germs and allergy-causing microbes, the air quality around you decreases. Thus, you can find your health slowly deteriorating because of these disease-causing germs. 
  • Presence Of Flies: Usually flies and maggots feed on the dead and decay of an animal and hence inspect for their presence. The fees may be house flies, horse flies, bush flies, drain flies and so forth. 
  • Rats Activity: With intellectual activity like rats, they can detect the death of their companions. So, see if you can find rats roaming around your property restlessly and aimlessly.  

Here Is What You Should Do When You Find Dead Rats Around You

Like live rats, there are also measures you need to take if your property indicates the presence of dead rats and is having their carcasses. Therefore, make sure to take the most useful dead rat measures you need to take on finding a dead rat carcass in your place. 

  • Neutralise The Smells: If you miss out on finding the dead rat as soon as possible, then bad smells and you need to neutralize them. To neutralize dead rat smells, mix water with baking soda to sorry in the area you find a rat’s carcass. 
  • Dispose of Them Immediately: Make sure you are disposing of the dead rat carcass by putting them in a double-bagging carrier. Then, throw away this carrier in your household’s garbage bin. 
  • Cover The Dead Rat: In order to not let the carcass of a dead rat emit the most unpleasant odours, cover it with a plastic sheet. In fact, this helps in preventing dead rats from attracting vectors like flies and maggots. 
  • Seal Away The Area: Immediately after you find a dead rat in any room of your property, seal away the area until further proceedings. This is one way of preventing your kids and pets from going into those premises. 
  • Inform Professionals: One of the best measures you can take on finding dead rats is to inform professionals. Because these professionals are experienced and also acknowledged your concerns as soon as possible. 

Book Us Immediately If You Suspect Dead Rats At Your Place

As we are 24/7 hours for bookings, if you are facing any emergency in the middle of the night, you can be hesitant-free to book our experts. In fact, if you are an existing client of our dead rat control Melbourne company, then you can discuss with us the continuation of it. Moreover, our bookings are open even on holidays and public off in order to get rid of tormenting dead rat smells from your priorities. 

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How do you dispose of dead rats in Australia?

When disposing of dead rats in Australia, it is important to handle them with caution to avoid any potential health risks. Wear gloves and use a plastic bag or a disposable container to carefully pick up the dead rat. Seal the bag/container tightly and place it in an outdoor garbage bin with a secure lid. If you’re uncertain about handling the dead rat yourself, it’s recommended to contact your local council or pest control professionals for guidance on safe disposal.

Do dead rats deter other rats?

Yes, the presence of dead rats can potentially deter other rats. Rats are known to avoid areas where they detect the scent of deceased rats, as it signals danger or the presence of predators. However, this deterrent effect may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the population of rats in the area. It’s important to note that the best approach to rodent control is to prevent infestations through proper sanitation, sealing entry points, and implementing effective pest management strategies.

How long before a dead rat stops smelling?

The time it takes for a dead rat to stop smelling can vary depending on several factors, such as temperature, humidity, and the size of the rat. Generally, the odor from a dead rat can persist for several days to a few weeks. The decomposition process releases unpleasant odors that can be quite strong. Properly disposing of the dead rat as soon as possible and maintaining good ventilation in the affected area can help minimize the smell. If the odor persists or becomes unbearable, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance to locate and remove any remaining carcasses or address any underlying issues.